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Episode 340: 25th Anniversary of the Bellingham Incident with Larry Shelton

This episode of the Pipeliners Podcast commemorates the 25th anniversary of the tragic Olympic Pipeline rupture in Bellingham, Washington, which resulted in a catastrophic explosion and the loss of three young lives. Larry Shelton shares his insights from the incident and the conversation serves as a reminder of the responsibilities of those in the pipeline […] LISTEN NOW >

Episode 46: Contractor Guidance for Pipeline Safety with Colin Frazier and Laurie Knape

In this episode of the Pipeline Technology Podcast, host Russel Treat speaks with Colin Frazier and Laurie Knape from the American Petroleum Institute (API) about pipeline safety management systems (PSMS) and recent contractor guidance. They discuss the implementation and benchmarking of PSMS within the industry, highlighting improvements and ongoing efforts to support both operators and […] LISTEN NOW >

Episode 339: An Introduction to Composite Pipe with Martin van Onna

In this episode of the Pipeliners Podcast, host Russel Treat speaks with Martin van Onna from Strohm about the development and advantages of composite pipes in the pipeline industry. Martin explains the composition, manufacturing process, and applications of thermoplastic composite pipes, TCP, emphasizing their benefits over traditional steel pipes, such as flexibility, strength, and resistance […] LISTEN NOW >

Episode 338: Conversations from the 2024 API Pipeline Conference

In this episode, host Russel Treat captures conversations with industry experts during the 2024 API Pipeline Conference in Salt Lake City. The topics discussed include insights into pipeline safety, stakeholder engagement, alarm management, and the importance of community and first responder collaboration. This episode provides a snapshot of current trends and challenges in the pipeline […] LISTEN NOW >