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Episode 29: Hydrocarbon Lab – Behind the Scenes with Andy Hartman

In episode 29 of the Oil and Gas Measurement Podcast, host Weldon Wright is joined by Andy Hartman, lab director at SPL, to discuss various aspects of hydrocarbon lab work, focusing on liquid analysis. Andy shares insights from his 10 years of experience, detailing sample collection challenges, lab procedures, and the importance of accuracy in […] LISTEN NOW >

Episode 324: Developing a Risk Based Approach to Leak Detection and Response with Mark Piazza & Nikos Salmatanis

In this week’s episode of the Pipeliners Podcast, host Russel Treat welcomes guests Mark Piazza and Nikos Salmatanis to explore the importance of establishing a risk-based method for leak detection and response in pipeline operations. They discuss the complexities of leak detection technologies, existing frameworks like API RP-1175, and the need for a comprehensive risk […] LISTEN NOW >

Episode 323: GPA Position on the LDAR Rule with Matt Hite

In this episode of the Pipeliners Podcast, Matt Hite, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs at GPA Midstream, discusses GPA’s position on the leak detection and repair (LDAR) rule. Hite provides background on GPA Midstream and its membership, emphasizing the association’s role in advocating for pipeline safety and environmental issues. Listen to the episode to […] LISTEN NOW >

Episode 42: Optimizing Emergency Response through Alarm Management with Jim Watkins

In this episode of the Pipeline Technology Podcast, the tables are turned as Jim Watkins, director of podcasts at Gulf Energy Information, interviews Russel Treat, the regular host, about his recent article in the January 2024 edition of Pipeline & Gas Journal titled “Optimizing Emergency Response Through Alarm Management.”  They discuss the challenges and importance […] LISTEN NOW >