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Episode 261: TSA Cybersecurity Directives and the Impact on Pipeline Contractors and Vendors with Mark Grant

This week’s Pipeliners Podcast episode features Mark Grant discussing cybersecurity, where TSA cybersecurity is headed in the future with rulemaking, how cybersecurity has impacted the pipeline industry, and why it is necessary for developers to adapt to current threats. In this episode, you will learn how malware has changed in recent years and ways to […] LISTEN NOW >

Episode 259: Methane Capture vs. Methane Venting with Rick Kay

This episode of the Pipeliners Podcast features Rick Kay of Onboard Dynamics to talk about methane capture vs. methane venting with host Russel Treat. Rick discusses methane capture, the process of evacuations of natural gas in pipeline operations, reducing global greenhouse gas emissions, and achieving environmental benefits and cost reduction. In this episode, you will […] LISTEN NOW >