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Episode 32: CO2 and Supercritical Fluid Measurement with Philipp Umlauf

In this episode of the Oil & Gas Measurement Podcast, host Weldon Wright  interviews Philipp Umlauf from Summit Carbon Solutions about measuring CO2 and related gases transported as supercritical fluids. They discuss the importance of developing industry standards, particularly in light of government incentives like the 45Q tax credit for carbon capture and sequestration. The […] LISTEN NOW >

Episode 336: API Pipeline and Cybernetics Conference with David Murk

In this episode of the Pipeliners Podcast, host Russel Treat is live from the 2024 API Pipeline Conference & Exhibit with David Murk, Senior Director of Pipelines, Midstream, for the American Petroleum Institute (API), to talk about the conference and what topics are covered. API Pipeline and Cybernetics Conference Show Notes, Links, and Insider Terms […] LISTEN NOW >

Episode 335: New API 1185 Standard for Stakeholder Engagement with Andrea Grover and Carl Weimer

In this episode of the Pipeliners Podcast, Andrea Grover from Enbridge and Carl Weimer from the Pipeline Safety Trust discuss the newly established API 1185 standard on stakeholder engagement. The conversation covers the development process of the standard, its key components, and its significance in improving communication between pipeline operators and stakeholders throughout the pipeline […] LISTEN NOW >